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SCOPE is asking to be Activated
My PC has had SCOPE installed and activated but I have just opened SCOPE and it is asking to Activate SCOPE again? What have I done wrong?
Using NESMA Quick Scan Method in SCOPE
We use NESMA Quick SCAN method for early counts and want to store, report and calculate these reports in SCOPE but we are not sure how to do this?
Using Duplicate Names - how can I read my reports?
Our users get lazy and create nodes that have generic names eg. Create, Edit, Delete. Then copy these under different functions but the reports are confusing because we are not sure what Functions they refer to. What can we do?
Can we profile our Notes Comments?
We want to have different 'types' of Notes to profile our count - how can we do this?
Multiple Users - using the SAME database at the SAME time
We would like to have a master database where we keep all of our applications and their corresponding releases. Is there a way we can create a database that will be accessable by multiple users at the same time?
Starting your First Function Point Count
My SCOPE database will not Open on a CD
I copied my SCOPE database to a CD then tried to read the file and SCOPE reported a message saying that it was "READ ONLY". What can I do?
Controlling which Nodes Print
I have grouped my Data Groups on my Data Tree but I do not want all groups to print in the report. How do I select only certain groups to print?
Linking trees to each other
I want to be able to globally link a tree component to whole branches in another tree without selecting each child node separately. Ie. Globally link all the child components under a selected branch.
Applications, Releases, Count Sessions
I need a better understanding of how SCOPE handles Project vs. an Application. SCOPE appears to link sessions to projects and not applications.
Data Groups, Linking and Access Types
What happens if the operator creates 2 EIs which update the same DETs in the same ILF? Does the software report this? If I want to create a link from a Process (EI) on the LH side, to an ILF on the RH side, and the EI updates *all* the DET of the ILF, can I select only the node of the ILF, without its DETs, or have I to select all the DETs? If the EI updates only 3 of 10 DETs, can I just select these 3 DETs? Do I have to link the Data Groups to my processes in order for them to be included in the count?
SCOPE invalid serial number message
Is your serial number reported as invalid?
Importing files from Charismatek's Function Point WORKBENCH™
What versions of FPW will it import ? Will SCOPE import all my previous count data from the Function Point Workbench? Will anything be lost? I tried importing from my FPW database but get an error message, what am I doing wrong?
How do I count Conversion Functionality using SCOPE?
We need to count conversion functionality as part of our project but I do not want this in my updated Baseline Count.
How do I merge a SCOPE PDF file into another PDF file?
How do I merge a SCOPE PDF File into another PDF File?
Converting SCOPE Reports
How do I Convert SCOPE Reports to Text?
Merging, annotating and searching SCOPE Reports
How do I Merge, Annotate and Search SCOPE Reports?
Merging SCOPE reports into a client report
How do I Embed SCOPE Reports into a Client Report?
Saving previewed reports
After previewing a report, I notice that the *.snp file remains in my temporary files folder. Do these reports get saved every time and will the amount of disc space used continue to grow with each preview?
Printer Drivers not set up for Snapshot viewer
This is a solution for problems viewing online reports using the Windows Snapshot Viewer.
Problems Previewing Reports?
Reports will print but not display when I select "preview" mode I want to e-mail the Snapshot preview reports to someone that does not have SCOPE. How can I save my Snapshot preview reports? How can I save my Snapshot preview reports with a different name? How can I save my Snapshot preview reports with a different name in my own directory? How can I e-mail my Snapshot preview reports? How can I change the zoom display of the previewed reports?
Previewing, Printing or Emailing SCOPE Reports
How do I Preview, Print or Email SCOPE Reports?