SCOPE is asking to be activated?

After you install SCOPE, your License for SCOPE needs to be activated before SCOPE will run. The Activation process for SCOPE records that the User has activated their serial number for SCOPE on our Server. When SCOPE is activated it records it for the current User's User ID. It does this by updating the user's computer's Register and in the directory ‘My Documents’ on the user's C: Drive (on the computer on which SCOPE is installed). Once the Register on the Computer is updated, then SCOPE does not need to be activated again. The issue you are reporting can occur for any one of the following reasons:

  • Security restrictions in your organization prevented SCOPE writing to the Register when first activated. SCOPE will activate and work the first time without writing to the Register but next time it will expect to activate again. However the ‘seat’ has already been taken and set from ‘0’ to ‘1’ at our Total Metric server. Contact your security administrators and see if they can reset your authorization to allow you to Activate SCOPE under your User ID. Once activated your Administrator can change your authorisation level back from Administrator. Once Activation is recorded on the Register under your User ID, SCOPE will always work for you.
  • You did not install SCOPE on your PC with your User ID but had an Administrator install SCOPE on your PC and activate it with their Administrator User ID. SCOPE will have activated using the Administrators USER ID and put information in their ‘My Documents’ not yours. It will not be activated for your User ID. You first need to de- activate SCOPE under the Administrators ID and then reactivate SCOPE with your User Id so it writes to the Register and ‘My Document’s under your User ID.
  • SCOPE has been installed on more than one PC and it can only be activated once with your License key since you only have a one seat license. Deactivate it on the other PC and reactivate it on yours.
  • You are using an older build of SCOPE (older than the current version is SCOPE 4.0 build 219). Check the Version and Build of SCOPE you are using - either on the front splash panel or under HELP / About Total Metrics SCOPE. If you are using an earlier version than Build 217 then please contact support at Total Metrics to get an update.exe for SCOPE.