Using duplicate names - how can I read my reports?

If I get input the processes with the same name in different parts of the tree how do I distinguish them in the reports?

In SCOPE we often insert duplicate names and the count reports are confusing -How can we create a report so the Function level is displayed with the process name and count details? Report the relative ‘position ’of the impacted Processes / Data with the ‘Attribute FP Size-Release Impacted Report ’or ‘Attribute FP Size Count Session Report’. To highlight the impacted processes or data, go the top of Function or Data Tree and right click ‘FLAG> Session Impacted. When selecting to run either of the above reports, first select the Report Filter ‘Select Flagged Nodes’ before. The report only expands branches that have impacted processes/data, highlighting them in RED and identifies whether they are ‘Added’ ‘Changed’ or ‘Deleted’ and the FP count. Report also allows selective reporting for any 5 linked Attributes. Note: to report the impacts for All counts in Release, Select the option ‘No Session’ on count list at bottom LHS tree), then as before select ‘FLAG > session impacted’.