Printer drivers not set up for Snapshot Viewer

If you experience problems previewing online reports in SCOPE, ensure that you have a Default Printer set in your windows settings. Windows cannot generate online reports without the drivers of a printer installed.

To install a printer within Windows, you don't need to be physically connected to a printer. Windows only needs the software, and installing a printer that doesn't exist will still install the relevant software and enable your SCOPE reports to preview in the Snapshot viewer.

To install a printer in Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Click the START button and go to Setting or directly to Printers (this may vary depending on your version of Windows)
  2. Once in the printer settings window, select Install New Printer from the FILE menu.
  3. Follow the wizard and select LTP1 or USB connection, and then any printer from the list selected. If you do have a printer connected you will need to ensure you select the appropriate settings.
  4. Choose 'No' when asked to print a test page if you don't have a printer connected.

Your SCOPE reports should now preview online correctly in the Snapshot Viewer.

If you are receiving a message that the OLE server is not working correctly then this indicates that the link between SCOPE and SnapshotViewer has been corrupted. Uninstall SCOPE and reinstall and it will be reinstated.

If you are still having difficulty generating online reports, contact Total Metrics directly for support.