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Designed by the world experts in Function Points

SCOPE's designer, Pam Morris, has been at the forefront of functional size measurement since 1992, when she set up and project managed the ISO standard for Functional Size Measurement Standards (ISO/IEC 14143 : 1- 6). Ms Morris was a member of the IFPUG Counting Practices Committee from 1993 to 2000 and author and or reviewer of all the IFPUG 4 series CPM. She has a long history in designing Functional Size Measurement software. She worked for Charismatek and in 1991 designed the first generation Function Point Software Tool, the Function Point WORKBENCH™.

In designing SCOPE in 2002 for Total Metrics, Ms Morris leveraged all her function point counting and software metrics experience to address all the limitations experienced by Total Metrics and their clients with the first generation tools. Ms Morris has been on the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) since its inception and has incorporated ISO, IFPUG, and ISBSG process standards into SCOPE. IFPUG Function Point counting and Software Performance Benchmarking has been Total Metrics' core business and since 1994, our consultants have counted millions of function points. Their ideas, requirements and those of our clients have been distilled into SCOPE to bring you the leading edge function point counting and Metrics Benchmarking tool in its class.

SCOPE since its first Release 1.6 in 2004, has been updated to incorporate the latest ideas in function point counting and the use of function points in industry. It now has hundreds of users and has grown to become the function point counting tool of choice for large global corporations in over 15 countries. Each day more organisations are moving away from older generation methods, such as Excel and FPW, to migrate to SCOPE.

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