Previewing, printing or emailing SCOPE Reports

Reporting from SCOPE

In SCOPE select the Report Menu Option [] (or Ctrl P) to list the available reports for printing or preview (more than 40 online reports). Press [+] to expand the report group to select one or more reports for sending to the printer or viewing online.

PDF and Email Reports

Reports in SCOPE are displayed online using the Microsoft Snapshot Viewer utility. While the report is displayed select <File> in Snapshot Viewer then <Print> to print to a printer or a PDF file or <Send> to email the report as an attachment vioa Microsoft Outlook.

Send Reports to Word document or Excel spreadsheet

Reports can be exported to HTML Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. Select the appropriate option when in the Reports Selection Screen.

Enable another User to View Data and Run Reports

If you want to show someone else your count results but they do not have their own copy of SCOPE then send them your database or alternatively select one or more counts using the "Snapshot" function in the Applications List. This will extract only the selected Release or Count Session to a separate database. Send your users the database with the link to download the free software SCOPE Viewer™. They can then open the database and view all details of the count but cannot make changes.

View different types of SCOPE Reports.