SCOPE Benefits

Management Level

  • Internationally comparable productivity reporting - Project size measured using IFPUG functional size measurement concepts and you can collect, analyse and benchmark your IT teams against ISBSG Industry projects.
  • Effective supplier contract management - Pricing can be objectively based on the amount of functionality developed and supported. SCOPE tracks and quantifies every change request
  • Supplier performance can be quantitatively compared and monitored - Provides suppliers with a quantified functional model so clients can easily compare competing bids or alternative solutions

Project Level

  • Develop early and accurate project estimates by quantifying software size - Project scope is accurately measured for input into SPR KnowledgePlan® and all major estimating models
  • Early warning of project cost or schedule blowouts - Audit trail quantifies project changes, monitors rework and scope creep, facilitates price variation negotiations between supplier and client
  • Evaluate project alternatives using 'what-if' analysis before choosing your implementation solution - Assign priority to functions and interactively size functionality to be included or excluded from the project scope
  • Earned Value Project Reporting - Assign a completion status to each set of project functions so SCOPE can report the number of function points completed compared to budgeted to be completed.
  • Estimate Hours to develop Project Functionality - Assign your projected project delivery rates to functionality that is impacted by the project. SCOPE will calculate the effort hours to deliver.

Project and Management Level

  • Graphically models software functionality from planning through to production and support
  • Reports the project and baseline size of sub-systems, releases, and projects spanning multiple Applications
  • Enables 'what-if' scenarios for input into project estimates of cost, resources and duration
  • Quantitative audit trail of functional changes to each software function; mapping change to a specific change request, release and/or project
  • Collects mandatory project attributes for productivity comparisons and submission to the ISBSG Project Repository
  • Accurate , auditable project sizing using the latest ISO/IEC standard: 20926 IFPUG CPM 4 series function point counting rules
  • Quick, indicative, cost efficient project sizing by importing existing specifications and using multipliers and industry size defaults
  • Allows for very accurate detailed counting, linking each process to each data element and file for quantifying scope variations in a contract
  • Quantitatively tracks multiple change requests within a Release to give early warning of potential project blow-outs
  • Provides a functional model for negotiating project scope change with the client
  • Collects project data for XML export to your preferred metrics repository
  • Enables quantitative asset management of your whole software portfolio and takes the guesswork out of project size before you start building

SCOPE Viewer™ is downloadable free and allows others to review your SCOPE size data.