Multiple SCOPE Users - using SAME database at the SAME time

SCOPE Enterprise™ enables multiple users to access the same SCOPE (*.fpa) database at the same time.

If you do not have the Enterprise edition of SCOPE then you need to manage the multi-user access. Please see paper Managing Concurrent Access which describes the best approach for having multiple users do function point counting within an organization. SCOPE Professional™ is not multi-user, but it enables multiple users to save their counts in a single repository by exporting and importing.

SCOPE does allow you to export either a count or a whole Release to work on remotely then import it back into SCOPE. SCOPE has a number of ways this can be done, but first you need to locate your cursor on the Release or the Count that you wish to export in the Applications List.

SNAPSHOT Release - creates a new fresh database and copies the highlighted Release into the new database with ALL the counts for that Release.
SNAPSHOT Count - creates a new fresh database and copies the highlighted Release into the new database with just the highlighted count session for that Release.
The other Counts processes and data are in the Release model but not marked up. Only your selected count has its details highlighted.

Within the Snapshot Count database - the counters make their changes to the Count session , create new count sessions etc. then select to 'EXPORT count'. This option is available inside the count or from the Applications list. The count needs to be highlighted before you select Export Count.

In the target database, highlight the Release and select to import the Count. It will be merged back into the Release.

In summary, SNAPSHOT takes count and creates a new SCOPE database to work on Remotely. Whereas the EXPORT feature extracts the data from a Release or Count and which creates an XML or SCS file. It is these files that you import back into the target repository, they merge the exported data with the existing data.