Controlling which nodes print

I have grouped my Data Groups on my Data Tree but I do not want all groups to print in the report. How do I select only certain groups to print?

For any tree to control what prints and does not print use the capability of selecting 'From Current Position' and/or 'Selected Flagged Nodes' or "As Displayed" when selecting the reports you want to print.

First flag the data groups you want the report. You can do this by either using the ‘Filter’ function or place them manually using the ‘Alt F’ keys or clicking on the Flag Icon on the top menu. Position the cursor on the branch you want to report from. Then in the reporting select from 'current position down' and 'flagged nodes' this allows flexibility to include exclude what you do not need.

You can also select to include only those nodes displayed by expanding and contracting the trees to limit the nodes that will be included in the report.

If you want to include every node on a Branch, position your cursor on the branch and select to print "From Current Position".