Importing Files from Charismatek's Function Point WORKBENCH™

What versions of FPW will it import?

SCOPE imports all the detailed count data from function point counting tools such as Function Point Workbench to the SCOPE format without losing any transaction, data , or note details. It also imports all their links. The IMPORT from FPW option enables you to import your old counts created by Version 4 up to the Version 7 (2009) of the Function Point WORKBENCH (FPW) software.

Will SCOPE import all my previous count data from the Function Point Workbench? Will anything be lost?

All count transactions, data, labels and notes are imported into SCOPE. All your detailed count information is retained and can be immediately updated using SCOPE. The import takes from about 2 seconds to several minutes for counts greater than 80,000 function points. There is no limit to the size of the FPW database that SCOPE can import.

I tried importing from my FPW database but get an error message, what am I doing wrong?

If you experience any difficulty with the import - With Microsoft Explorer copy the FPW database directory (i.e. all .db and .px files) to a directory under your local root directory or to your desktop. (Note: Reducing the pathname of the source directory assists earlier operating systems (e.g. Windows XP) to access to the paradox files)

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