SCOPE Professional™

For the Function Point Analysis Professional

SCOPE Professional™ is designed for people who really need Function Point counts and IT Metrics reporting

SCOPE Professional™ is a full metrics repository with Portfolio management and Benchmarking Metrics capability.

It is ideal for individuals or organizations who need to manage all the function point, productivity and quality metrics for several software applications, each of which have multiple releases and multiple Change Requests against those Releases. A project may have many Change Requests each of which impacts multiple applications. Not only do you need to function point count one or many of these options, but you also need to manage their productivity and quality metrics, provide management trend reporting and benchmark against industry.

You have multiple concurrent counters who may be all counting Enhancement projects that impact the same applications and you need to ensure that they do not overwrite each others work. You need to have everything documented, traceable and auditable and in a single repository!

SCOPE Enterprise™ and SCOPE Professional™ will do all of the above and more! Major Corporations worldwide have implemented SCOPE Professional™ to manage multiple metrics teams, across multiple sites with applications portfolio sizes in excess of 1 million function points.

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