SCOPE is a tool that helps you effectively manage software development.

SCOPE supports the IFPUG Function Point Analysis (FPA) methodology. The FPA methodology is the best way to reliably estimate, benchmark, project manage, and charge for, software development.

SCOPE is a powerful combination of easy-to-use features and comprehensive functionality. SCOPE makes it easy to apply the FPA methodology to software applications and software projects.

By using SCOPE in the initial stages of project development, you understand your planned software's functionality, and easily evaluate the impact of a decision to include or exclude functionality.

As a project evolves, SCOPE supports you. It acts as a software asset register, enabling you to keep a 'functional' history of each application by providing a documented audit trail of changes to software throughout its life. Traceability and being able to quantify changes are particularly important for contract negotiations in outsourced development.

During a software development project, uninformed decisions can lead to inconsistent and incorrect resource allocation that jeopardise the project's outcome. For example, remaining within budget and time constraints can sometimes mean sacrificing functionality. These trade-off decisions are made more difficult without some way to measure and compare functionality across different parts of the application being developed. SCOPE allows you to easily do this 'what-if' analysis, to make informed management decisions on the impact of changes. Plus, you will have a record that enables those decisions to be justified, if required later.