Can we profile our Notes Comments?

Q. from SCOPE User: We use Notes to record Assumptions. How when reviewing a count can we easily see in the display whether the Note (Comment/Assumption ) is approved or not approved (OK/NOT OK)?

There are two ways of doing this in SCOPE. Either: Create an Attribute Category ("Assumptions Status") then under it, create two Attributes OK and NOT OK. Then link the Note to the appropriate Attribute. Change the view mode (see icons in top tool menu) from 'Link" to "Filter" Mode, highlight the Attribute (OK) and select the ‘&(Yes)’ filter on the top menu to select and flag all Notes that are "OK". They will highlight in bold text with a red flag . Report this linked list using the Attributes Notes list Report, using report using "From Current Position". Alternatively you can create another Notes Set called 'NOT OK' and move the not approved notes to this SET Then when they are OK move them another Notes SET called 'OK'.