At Total Metrics we believe that measurement enhances understanding. That people need to understand software projects for them to succeed, and to understand something people need to measure it. We believe success needs measurement.

Too many software projects fail. Too many software teams can't prove their efficiency. Too much effort is wasted. Total Metrics helps manage software development. We provide software, training, and consulting, to objectively: estimate, manage, and benchmark software development. We help you understand what you software will do, how long it will take, and demonstrate to others that you've been successful.

Total Metrics was established in Melbourne Australia in 1994. Our worldwide consultants provide our local and international clients with measurement consulting, training and tools to assess the productivity and quality of their software processes and products and to identify areas for improvement.

Total Metrics acts as independent SCOPE Managers to provide consultancy in project estimation, supplier evaluation, project scope variations, investment assessment, IT benchmarking and software project pricing. We specialize in assisting organisations (both client and supplier) implement metrics to facilitate management of their internal development environment and outsourcing contractual arrangements.

Total Metrics develops and distributes the world leading Function Point Counting Software product SCOPE software built by our experts for practical implementation of Function Point Analysis.

Total Metrics has earned a strong international reputation for delivering quality products and services in Asia Pacific, USA, UK, China, Europe, India and Japan. Our consultants are internationally recognised metrics experts and are regularly invited to speak at International Metrics conferences in the USA, Japan, UK, Korea, India, Europe, Spain, China, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and South Africa and to participate in international research projects in the field of software metrics.

Total Metrics is a significant contributor to international measurement standards. We have represented Australia on the International COSMIC Core Committee, the ISO/IEC SC7 FSM standards committees and the IFPUG Counting Practices Committee. We represented Standards Australia IT15 on the ISO/IEC standards 14143 for Functional Size Measurement. Pam Morris, our founder, is a former Vice President of the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group Committee (ISBSG).

Total Metrics has worked across a diverse range of organisations, both in the private and public sector where we have earned a reputation for professionally delivering quality services on time and on budget.

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