Why move from Excel?

Don't risk it with a spreadsheet!

SCOPE pays for itself if it avoids just one counting error on one project

'It is costing us time and money in inaccurate Excel-based FP estimates'

'Our function point counter used a spreadsheet for the count. Without a baseline to prompt for the functions potentially changed by the project, they overlooked just one data group and one process. The missing 17 FPs resulted in our project being under-estimated by $20K and being delivered a month later than the count predicted!' Government Department.

SCOPE keeps a complete history of all your counts for each project and over time automatically builds your baseline. The functional model prompts the counter to fully assess impacted functionality. Counting errors are reduced by over 50%.

'We cannot manage and control the hundreds of Excel Counts!'

'We had hundreds of spreadsheets and could not keep track of previous counts so each new project re-counted the same functions often with vastly different results. Inconsistent counts caused our users to lose faith in our FP based productivity measures and estimates. After a year our FP Group was abandoned and all our FP investment (> $200K) wasted!' International Investment Bank.

SCOPE stores all your Counts in a single repository so you can build new counts on previous validated counts. Counting Change Requests is as simple as highlighting functions that are changed or deleted and adding new ones so counts are always consistent and baselines updated.

'Our Excel spreadsheet counts are so corrupted we cannot trust the numbers!'

'Our multiple re-use of worksheets and cutting and pasting corrupted the formula ranges, so unknown to us, our counts were calculating incorrectly. We later found Project Estimates and Productivity rates with errors up to 300%! We cannot even imagine the resulting cost to our business from missed project deadlines and errors in fixed price quotes.' Global Outsourcing company.

SCOPE automatically calculates all the IFPUG formulas so that Project and Application Baseline counts are always calculated correctly. Management can confidently rely on SCOPE generated reports. Management can confidently rely on SCOPE generated reports.

SCOPE Imports your existing function point counts from older generation function point counting software repositories including Function Point WORKBENCH and Microsoft Excel.

For more information, see our full SCOPE and Excel comparison.