SCOPE 5.0 - What's New

SCOPE 5 contains many technical changes, and few functional changes. The cumulative effect of the technical changes is that SCOPE 5 is dramatically more: reliable, fast, and consistent to use than SCOPE 4.1.

Key features delivered by SCOPE 5

  1. Loading a SCOPE database across a network is now noticeably faster. For instance, the number of database queries to load the "example" database, which is distributed with SCOPE 4.1, has been reduced from 2609 queries to 52. On high-latency networks, SCOPE will load about 50 times faster.
  2. In the "Application List" switching between the different sizes, for instance between the "Release Baseline Size" and the "Release Impacted Size" is now more than twenty times faster.
  3. SCOPE 5 uses more modern versions of components. SCOPE 4.1 used the Microsoft Access 2002 Runtime to generate reports. The 2002 Runtime is now unsupported by Microsoft, so new security updates are not created for it. SCOPE 5 uses the Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime which will be supported until 2017. SCOPE 4.1 used MSXML4, which will be unsupported by Microsoft from April 2014.
  4. SCOPE Enterprise™ 5 can host the majority of its function point data on Microsoft SQL Server.

What's New in SCOPE 5