Importing or Exporting Count Data

Importing and Exporting Count Data within a Release

This tutorial describes how to:

  • Import and export SCOPE Releases and their Count Sessions from one Database to another
  • Update the baseline Production Baseline when a Work In Progress Release Project counts are completed.
  • Cut and paste your existing EXCEL function point count into the SCOPE Excel template and save it as a CSV file so that it can be imported into SCOPE
  • Import Function, Data and Notes trees into SCOPE from a CSV file created by the SCOPE Excel Template

Importing and Exporting Trees or Parts of Trees

This tutorial describes how to:

  • Cut and paste your whole trees or parts of trees between different counts of Releases in the same SCOPE database or different databases

This feature is useful when you want to re-use parts of functional trees, Data Lists or Notes from other counts or databases to minimise data entry. SCOPE will give you the option to copy across any nodes from other trees that are linked to the copied nodes.

Importing and Exporting Releases

This tutorial describes how to:

  • Import an export Count Sessions from one Release to another on the same database, or another Database such that an Organization can have a Master Database of Counts and have counters count on a copy of the baseline. When the Count is imported back into the Master database, it is merged with the latest Release of the Baseline.

The Import/export counts session feature allows:

  • Counts for 'what - if' projects that have been done at sometime in past and now approved to be imported and applied to a later version of the baseline.
  • Multiple counters to count Change Requests on the same baseline at the same time. They export out the Release then set up their Count Session locally. When they are finished counting they can export their Count Session and it can be imported back into the master. This allows very fast counting of multiple CRs by many counters at the same time.
  • An Organization to have a MASTER Repository of all their counts that can be managed by an administrator. Releases can be checked out of the Repository and counts performed. When the counts have been checked they can be imported back into the Master Repository. They are merged into
  • the latest Release baseline, they do not overwrite it. This feature enables organisations to control the update of their Master Counts.

Importing a Count from Excel

This tutorial describes how to import a count that has been recorded in Excel and copied into the Total Metrics Excel Template for importing into SCOPE.

Snapshot Applications, Releases and Counts

Demonstrates how to extract a set of data from SCOPE(Application, Release, Project or Count data) and load the set of data into a clean database.

Merging Counts within a Release

How to merge Count Results into a single baseline count. This is useful when multiple counters are counting on the same baseline at the same time or you need to combine multiple counts from Excel spreadsheets into a a single count in SCOPE.

Export a Project / Release to SEER SEM

How to export your functional size results to a file that can be imported into SEER SEM Project Estimation Software for completing your project estimates.