Setting Up Applications, Releases and Projects

Software Applications List

This tutorial describes how SCOPE:

  • Stores and manages multiple function point counts for multiple Releases of software applications within an Organization.
  • Uses the lock icon to designate the latest counts for each application and which ones are currently being updated
  • Displays the different types of count size reports

Setting Up a New Application

This tutorial describes how to:

  • Set up a new Software Application in the SCOPE software applications portfolio list
  • Input data into the fields that can be stored about an application to assist in profiling applications for productivity analysis

Setting Up a New Release

This tutorial describes how to:

  • Set up a new Releases to be counted for a Software Application in the Software Applications Portfolio List
  • Set up a Baseline Function Point count under the Production Releases
  • Set up an Enhancement Count under Work in Progress Releases and basing it on a previous Baseline count.

Setting up Multiple Counts for a Single Release

This tutorial describes how to:

  • Set up multiple count sessions for a Release of a Software application such that each Change Request can be associated with a Project and can be counted independently of other Change Requests
  • Complete all the data entry fields with appropriate data in the Count Session Details screen for a Change Request

Setting Up a New Project

Demonstrates how to set up a new Project in SCOPE so you can record function point counts for the project and project metrics (effort, defects, costs etc)

Linking Counts to Projects

This tutorial describes link multiple Change Requests (Count Sessions) to a project. Counts can be recorded against multiple applications and belong to a single Projects.