12 SCOPE makes Count results freely accessible

SCOPE has advanced cross-referencing and reporting functionality to enable you to easily do online ‘what-if’ analysis and produce up to 40 different reports instantly.

SCOPE Enterprise™ multi-user license allows multiple users to maintain, report and view counts recorded in a single database - all at the same time.

Previewed reports, if accepted, can be printed or saved to a file or emailed.

SCOPE allows you to select to export the report to Microsoft Word or Excel, HTML, print or preview.

SCOPEreports, Baseline Size, Reworked Size and Current Count Size dynamically at the bottom of the screen as you move through the functional model.

Full Detailed Management Reports are generated online within seconds in print preview mode. The Count Detail Reports actually report the level of detail that a process or data group was counted. E.g. displays the ranges, or actual number of RETs or DETS. This is useful for auditing count results.

SCOPE allows you to extract your count using the SnapShot option to send the full count details to a client. The client can then download SCOPE Viewer™ free from the Total Metrics WWW site and install it so they can investigate all aspects of the count, print all reports or provide comments and send it back in soft-copy to the counter.

Benefits of SCOPE for facilitating reporting results
  • SCOPE significantly enhances a counters capability easily review results and save time, effort and costs of printing to find an error
  • SCOPE allows all your counters to work on the corporate count repository at the same time - no more waiting arounduntil another counter has finished
  • SCOPE count results can be widely distributed to business users and reviewers and they can see all their count details without having the extra cost of purchasing a SCOPE licence