5 - SCOPE provides the evidence for Project Managers to charge for Rework

SCOPE enables multiple counts to be performed on the same functional model throughout the development lifecycle. Projects often impact the same functions multiple times in project lifecycle. I.e. new functions or data groups may be added by the project then changed several times or even deleted at the users' request. SCOPE has the unique capability to track this rework.  It is able to report cumulative size of the rework in addition to the net functionality delivered (the net result of the delivered software).

SCOPE also records the counters name, date and time of the creation and modification of all the count processes and data groups and allows changes to be searched on name, or date of change.

Benefits of SCOPE for Measuring Rework

   o  SCOPE enables project managers to have their project quantitatively accredited for the full extent of the project changes and provide objective evidence for seeking additional payment or special consideration for the resulting lower project productivity rate
   o  SCOPE records, measures and reports the full size of the functional impact of a project providing evidence for the outsourcing supplier to justify charging the client for multiple  impacts on the same function on the same Release
   o  SCOPE's measure of rework assists developers to objectively demonstrate the impact of significant churn or rework and the resulting low productivity rates. This is particularly important when managing client expectations in outsourcing contracts