9 - SCOPE is more cost effective when Maintaining and Auditing Counts

SCOPE was designed with the concept of making it quick and easy to maintain counts of each new change request and making it easy to document and report count decisions to assist in auditing.

SCOPE does this by providing the capability to:

  • Provide an audit trail of who changed which tree node when that if fully searchable
  • Quickly record project changes (new functions, changed functions and deleted functions) with a single mouse click on pre-existing counts
  • Detailed Count Reports that list exactly how a process was counted, not just its type and complexity (i.e. Ranges selected, numbers entered by the user or just defaulted)
  • Detailed Documentation in Reports that list for each process which Data Groups, RETs and DETs it accesses and the type of access. (SCOPE will actually automatically derive process and data group complexity from these links to significantly reduce counting time and increase accuracy)
  • Hierarchal modelling of Data, Notes and Attributes in addition to Functions and Elementary processes
  • Data - SCOPE enables you to group your related data into Folders, then within a folder sort them in any order you choose and decompose them and name them at Data Group (ICF/EIF), RET and DET level and to link Processes, Notes or Attributes at any level. SCOPE models the Data hierarchically into its RETs and DETs. Processes can be optionally linked to DETs, RETs and Logical Data Groups for greater accuracy of recording and easy auditing
  • Notes - SCOPE allows any comments or Notes to be grouped into SETS which can in turn be decomposed in a similar way to a Table of Contents. Notes can be of any length and arranged and re-arranged and sorted in any order. For importing your specification just copy the list and import directly from an EXCEL spreadsheet
  • Attributes - SCOPE also models Attributes (key words / labels) into Categories as hierarchical trees. Attributes are not mutually exclusive i.e. Processes can be assigned more than one Attribute within a Category. Data can also be linked to Attributes.
  • One step linking of any Process, Data Group, Note or Attribute (label) without swapping windows.
Benefits of SCOPE for facilitating maintenance and auditing:
  • SCOPE significantly enhances a counters capability to document their counts so that every change is traceable; every count decision is auditable and easily able to be justified. This takes the contention out of supplier / client counting disputes.

  • SCOPE's ability to cross-reference all processes to DETs as well as FTRs and report count details makes counts more accurate, auditable and traceable

  • The ease of reporting count details in SCOPE makes auditing faster, cheaper and more accurate