10 - SCOPE facilitates more Accurate and Consistent Counting

SCOPE has an inbuilt expert system (FP Decision Maker™), designed by authors and reviewers of the IFPUG Counting Practices Manual, that steps counters through the IFPUG CPM decision logic when trying to determine the type or complexity of a function.  This ensures that counters are reminded of the IFPUG guidelines and make count decisions via a consistent and auditable process.

SCOPE has a fully indexed ROBOHELP Help system for all functionality. This help accesses the Total Metrics www site to give the user the very latest HELP for all functionality and embedded Flash Tutorials on most counting activities.  Both HELP and the Tutorials are updated every SCOPE Release and because it is online is updated dynamically whenever we identify another area where it can provide assistance.

SCOPE allows individual users to customise SCOPE to operate with their own user counting and display options and defaults. This flexibility in customisation includes being able to dynamically switch between 10 languages (eg. French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese etc) which dynamically changes the language in which the screens and messages will display.

Benefits of SCOPE for Expert Assistance

  • SCOPE saves ‘costs’ of recounting and reduced auditing time by providing an expert system mentor to novice counters.
  • Online Tutorials for all count activities