3 - SCOPE maintains the Security and Confidentiality of the Data

SCOPE's unique capability to synchronise and extract counts allows the Metrics Manager to select to Snapshot the Release Model to a separate database enabling counts to be:

•  Validated beforethey are merged into the current baseline so as to avoid corrupting the master data repository
•  Private - counts are only provided to other counters on a ‘needs to know’ basis. I.e. it allows the repository manager to keep the project size data of other business areas private and only accessible to the Repository Manager in the master database
•  Secure - Commercially sensitive projects can be counted ‘offline’ and only if and when they are approved for public knowledge, then they can be merged back into the current baseline
Benefits of SCOPE for Managing the Security and Confidentiality of Data

- SCOPE saves significant costs incurred by FPW users:
   o  Manually applying counts that have been completed on a different baseline
   o  Fixing counts that have been applied without validation

- SCOPE can assist in retaining confidentiality of ‘sensitive’ planned projects