SCOPE's Metrics Repository is ISBSG compliant

Online Benchmarking and Performance Trends Reporting

SCOPE's developers have worked with the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) to develop an XML file format the ISBSG can accept for submission of projects into their database. SCOPE enables you to record all Project Effort, Defect and Environment attributes required by ISBSG for Industry benchmarking.

  • Create your own Benchmarking Data sets of project or maintenance and support data and group them, how you want them to be reported
  • Select the Projects and Applications you want to send to ISBSG. SCOPE removes any identifying information and allows you to view the extracted data prior to sending via email

Collect ISBSG Compliant Metrics Data - enabling internal and industry benchmarking

SCOPE records all your Project Metrics compliant with ISBSG standards- Including Effort, Defects, Size, Usage, Experience, Technology cost Drivers, Environment etc. You can record data at the level that best suits your organizations recording standards. ie. at Work Package level, Project Level or Release Level. If you record it at a detailed level, SCOPE will derive the data upwards from Work Package level to aggregate it at Release and Project Level where you can modify the result to include any Release or Project overhead data. SCOPE will report its Metrics at any of the selected levels of recording.