What is so great about SCOPE?

Here is what our users say ...

"We use SCOPE to communicate our analyst's interpretation of the User's Requirements Specification back to the User - We find the best way to do this is via the SCOPE Notes feature, where we link Notes to Processes and Data. Our Analysts record their assumptions and comments in Notes. The Users can view them and comment using SCOPE Viewer™

SCOPE is unique in that it allows us to hierarchically group different types of Notes under different Notes SETs and then sequence them as we please. We can write long explanatory text or copy information from the specification or from an email, into the Note description. We copy the table of contents from the Specification into Excel then import it as a list to cross-reference to. Unlike other tools it allows us to link notes to both Processes and Data, including RETs and DETs."

"SCOPE allows us to keep a history of all the Change Requests associated with a Project and their relative sizes. Our project managers now also record the effort and defects by both CR and Project for management benchmark reporting.

Unlike other products, SCOPE recognizes that a Project may impact more than one Application and we can associate a Project with multiple Change Requests (Fp counts) across many Applications. If an error is made then it allows us to unlink the Change Request and relink it to another Project or just decide not assign it at all."

"SCOPE gives us flexibility to manage when and which function point counts update the Baseline.

SCOPE gives us the freedom to count when we need to, and then manage the updates when the CRs are implemented. It recognizes that in the real world not all Change Requests that we count will be implemented in the same Release and not everything we are asked to count will update the Baseline. It allows our Baseline counts to reflect what really happened in our Release schedule, not what we thought would happen."

"SCOPE lets me see everything Transactions, Data, Notes, Details and Attributes all on the same screen.

SCOPE makes counting easy by allowing me to link to Functions to Data, Notes and Attributes all on the same screen without swapping in and out of windows. It also allows me to easily link Data to Transactions within that window. We have now updated all of our counts from FPW because we found linking files was tedious and often not being done.

"We use SCOPE for contract management and charge the customer per FP impacted, therefore every FP contributes hundreds of dollars to our bottom line. It is critical to our customer relationship and professional credibility that our counts are correct and verifiable.

SCOPE is the only FP counting tool we know of that allows us to record in detail down to the level of RET and DET information in the count. If the count has been setup correctly, SCOPE acts as an education tool for our novice counters and helps ensure accuracy of our counts. Now when new counters find a lot of the RETs documented, SCOPE makes it easy for them to identify them as changed instead of adding new ILFs, which is what used to happen when we counted with Function Point WORKBENCH™"