IT Metrics and Productivity Institute (ITMPI)

The ITMPI is an organization founded by Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) to improve the practice and management of software development and maintenance. The ITMPI seeks to accomplish its mission through the promotion of best practices in the areas of Software Process, Software Metrics, Software Estimation, and IT Governance. The ITMPI also provides a free weekly eZine - IT Metrics and Productivity Journal on best practices in Software Development, Maintenance, and Management. This highly focused e-newsletter aims to educate serious minded software and IT professionals on these four main theme areas. This e-newsletter also includes "Special Edition" interviews several times each month. These interviews are conducted with renowned software authors, CIOs from major corporations, and thought leaders from top software research organizations. They will share with you practical insights and lessons learned on a variety of issues related to each of our four main theme areas.