CORADMO The Constructive Rapid Application Development model has its roots in the results of a 1997 CSE Focused Workshop on Rapid Application Development. RAD refers to an application of any of a number of techniques or strategies to reduce software development cycle time. The six classes of strategies whose degree of implementation can be used to parameterize a schedule estimate given an effort estimate produced by COCOMO II.2000 are the following: Development Process Re-engineering (DPRS), Re-use and Very High Level Languages (RVHL), Collaboration efficiency (CLAB), Architecture and risk resolution (RESL), Pre-Positioning of assets (PPOS), RAD Capability of Personnel (RCAP). RESL corresponds to the COCOMO II scale driver; the other five are new. All have their effects reflected as multipliers on effort, schedule, number of personnel. In some cases, the person-months of effort can actually be increased because certain pro-active strategies, like pre-positioning of assets, are only possible with extra effort.