FP Based Project Governance

Setting up Numerical Attributes

Uses for Numerical Attributes

Numerical Attributes allow you to create and assign 'quantifying variables' to your functional size measures so you can report a result using Function Points as the other quantifying variable for Project Management Reporting.

For example you can create Numerical attributes to report the:

Since Numerical Attributes are completely customisable you can create them to report what ever you want.

SCOPE includes a template set of Numerical Attributes which have preset values that can be automatically loaded. Once loaded you can change the presets to suit your own requirements. Once you have customised your Numerical attributes for your own needs, copy and paste them to the Attribute Tree of other Releases.

If you have already set up links for non-numerical attributes and you want to 'make them numerical', then set up your Numerical Category and its attributes. Use the "Copy Links" option to copy the links from your original attribute to the relevant new numerical attribute.

You can create your own Templates for Numerical Attributes and save them in the database for use on future counts.