Package Implementation Costing

Package (COTS) Implementation Overview

The project estimates for a package solution need to be refined for each implementation depending on the percentage of the project functionality which is:

The productivity rates and cost per function point to deliver for each of these different development mechanisms (to implement, customise, enhance or build) are usually different. This complexity of assigning an appropriate productivity factor can be compounded when the package provides utilities which enable quick delivery based on changes to rule tables. Change requests, which can be implemented by changing values in rule-based tables, can be implemented very efficiently compared to a similar user change request, that requires source code modification. It is recommended that these different types of activities are identified and effort collected against them accordingly so that productivity rates and the cost effectiveness for the different activity types can by determined.

The functions can be flagged for their development mechanism and their relative contributions to the functional size calculated. This will enable fine-tuning of the project estimates.

Reporting Package Implementation Cost Estimates

To Report Earned Value: