Setting Up Numerical Attribute - (Templates)

Set Up Numerical Attribute Template Tutorial.

The Numerical Attributes feature enables function point counts to be profiled for Productivity Analysis, Estimating, NESMA Impact factors, Earned Value reporting.

SCOPE includes an in built set of standard Numerical Attribute Templates which it pre-loads with each new Release.

The setup Numerical Template Attribute Option is available under :

This option enables you to update and add to the in built Template set, and save them so you can re-use your customised Numerical Attribute values in all your counts with the current database.

In the Template Setup Options Dialogue box left hand panel enables you to create new Numerical Categories and Attributes and set them up with their appropriate Units, and Values. The right had side panel dynamically displays an example of how SCOPE will use the information for its calculations. See Numerical Attributes for more information as to how SCOPE uses the fields, Units, Variable and Value to do its calculations. Try out some examples yourself to work out how to report your profiling of the count.

Below is an example of using Numerical Attributes to calculate the estimated Effort to deliver a project when the attributes have been linked to the impacted functionality. For details on what is required for the fields - Units, Variable and Value please see Setting Up Numeric Attributes for Reporting.

  1. Click Add in the Category box to set up a New Category, when you have completed all fields click the Update button
  1. Select Add in the Attributes box to set up one or more new Numerical Attributes. When you have completed all fields select the Update button

After pressing Update check at the Preview Example box to verify your Category and its Attributes will report as expected. This Numerical Attribute Template is now saved with your database and will be available for inserting into all Releases. To see how to load your Numerical Attribute Templates into your Attribute tree within your Release - see Loading Numerical Template Categories.