Export ISBSG Industry Benchmark Metrics

Exporting data to ISBSG

Record and report all your productivity and quality performance data in the SCOPE Benchmark Metrics module. SCOPE designers worked with the ISBSG to ensure that the SCOPE data collection set is compliant with the ISBSG Repository standards.

SCOPE allows you to record size, effort, defect and environment attribute data for Development and Enhancement (D&E) projects and Applications Maintenance and Support (M&S) . You can either record this metrics data directly into SCOPE or import it from EXCEL spreadsheets. This enables you to do your own internal benchmarking, productivity and quality trends analysis and/ or external benchmarking to ISBSG data.

SCOPE allows easy project and M&S data submission to the ISBSG database, by allowing you to select which projects you want to submit and then just select to preview your submission and export and email it to ISBSG . If you want to utilise this XML / spreadsheet data internally within your organisat ion then just save the Xcel spreadsheet.

SCOPE reports your performance metrics either in a table, MS EXCEL pivot charts or via an interactive www based portal.