Benchmarking Charts - SCOPE Connect®


As of December 2013, SCOPE Connect has been discontinued.


SCOPE Connect® uses semantic web technology WWW portal for sophisticated management reporting and dynamic ISBSG benchmarking capability. It allows users to identify, integrate, query and visualise their metrics data with drill down reporting and dynamic filtering of the ISBSG database. Slice and dice’ your own metrics data to benchmark against relevant industry projects.

If you have a SCOPE Connect® subscription then SCOPE will enable you to do Analytic reporting via their SCOPE Connect® web portal.

SCOPE Connect® enables you to Chart your data and benchmark against similar projects from the ISBSG Benchmarking data set.

You can select which Benchmark Data you want to report by highlighting one or more nodes on the Benchmark Metrics Tree. You can use CTRL and SHIFT to optionally select multiple nodes.

Select button at the top of the top right hand side of the Benchmark Metrics Screen. Benchmark data will be reported in a Chart format grouped by Benchmarking Period.