Importing Bulk Metrics Data from EXCEL

Importing Metrics Data from Excel Spreadsheets.

Selecting the Import Data

In the Benchmark Metrics Tab, on the main menu select the Import button . The Import Metrics Data Screen Displays. Select the "File Open - Browse" icon to select the directory folder where you have saved your completed SCOPE Metrics Import Templates . Select the EXCEL file for import and SCOPE will recognise the type of data stored (CRs / Projects / Releases/ Applications) and display all the records for Import.

Note: In order to import data you need to be located on the appropriate branch of your Benchmark Data Hierarchy. In all cases you will have first needed to set up the Benchmark Period for which the data will be reported. Once a Benchmark Period has been set up you can import M&S data for Applications or Development and Enhancement Data for Releases, Projects and Change Requests:

To import :

  1. Change Request Data - from template type ImportChangeRequests.xlsm see tutorial.
  2. Project Data - from template type ImportProject.xlsm see tutorial
  3. Release Data - from template type ImportRelease.xlsm see tutorial.
  4. Applications MS Data - from template type ImportApplication.xlsm see tutorial.

Remember if you make a mistake, just fix the Template and import again using "Merge Data". SCOPE will only import the fields that are not NULL and will only import the rows in the spreadsheet (ie. Applications, Releases, Projects or CRs) that you select and highlight. ie. it will show all rows in the import spreadsheet but only import the ones you select. If you want to empty all fields then you will need to put '0' values into the spreadsheet or delete them manually in SCOPE.

If you have input fields into the spreadsheet and they are not imported into SCOPE it means that the field you entered was invalid. Fix the spreadsheet and import again.