Start a new Measurement

To start your first Function Point count - under File select to open a new or an existing SCOPE database file.

SCOPE will open with the Software Applications List. Before starting to actually function point count you need to:

  1. Set up a New Application
  2. Set up a New Release
  3. Set up a New Project
  4. Set up a new Count Session

See also Basic Steps of an FPA Count and Count Using Function and Data Trees

If you have an existing counts in:

You may decide to create a new SCOPE database file for each application depending on how you want your Function Point Counters to manage their counts.

If your applications are very large and you have many of them, then we would suggest that you create a SCOPE database file for each Application. This avoids contention of multiple counters wanting to access the same SCOPE database file, at the same time.

In order to have Reporting of Size across your Software Portfolio you have to have a central Repository of Counts. We would recommend that you set up a Master SCOPE database file and have an administrator manage its configuration, such that on a regular basis it is updated by the completed approved Releases and their Count Session.