Import from FPW™ All Versions

SCOPE imports all the detailed count data from function point counting tools such as Function Point Workbench to the SCOPE format without losing any transaction, data, labels or note details. It also imports all links. The IMPORT from FPW option enables you to import your earlier counts created by Version 4 (1994) up to the Version 7 (2009) of the Function Point WORKBENCH (FPW) software.

IMPORTANT - If you experience any difficulty with the import- With Microsoft Explorer™ copy the FPW database directory (i.e. all .db and .px files) to a directory under your local root directory or to your desktop. (Note: Reducing the pathname of the source directory assists earlier operating systems (e.g. MS XP) to access to the paradox files)

Converting FPW 4 to FPW 7 Databases

SCOPE will automatically convert FPW 4 to FPW 7 databases by first locating your FPW database only one level from the Root node on your computer then selecting the Import from FPW function on the main menu.

On selecting Import, SCOPE prompts you for the full pathname:

After you have input the new file name, press Import and SCOPE will display a message asking you to be patient for very large databases as they may take several minutes to import. SCOPE converts all the .db and .px files from the FPW database into a single SCOPE *.FPA database file, saved under the new file name you input.

If you experience any problems you may want to try the Advanced Import Option.

Please contact Total Metrics support if you experience any difficulty and our support team will assist you.