Set up a New Project

Set Up Project

Set up a New Project from under home or select File / Project and Application List and selecting the Project List Tab or when in the Count Session Details screen select the Project List Button.

A Project Corresponds to a Business Initiative. As such it may have requirements that impact many applications within an Organisations Software Portfolio.

A Project may be a New Development or a set of Requirements for Changes to one or more existing applications i.e. an Enhancement Project.

SCOPE allows you to set up a Project and then link the project to the Count Sessions for each Application Impacted. Total Project size and productivity can then be determined by running the Project Details Report or online in the Project List screen.

HINT: To just work on the counts relevant to your own Project, highlight a Project and press the Snapshot Project Icon on the Project List to select all the linked Count Sessions for a Project to be exported to a new SCOPE database.