Import Counts from Microsoft Excel®

Import a Count from Excel

Your counts previously performed in Excel can be imported directly into SCOPE by selecting the function Import from EXCEL Template under Edit/Import on the main menu. In order to import your counts you first need to extract all the count details into the SCOPE EXCEL template. SCOPEwill only import from this template.

You can import 4 different sets of size related information I.e. Transactions, Files, Notes and Attributes from an Microsoft Excel® file and saved in comma delimited file format (*.CSV).


  1. Open the EXCEL® workbook “Master SCOPE EXCEL Import Template.XLS” which was installed in the same Directory as SCOPE
  2. Save a copy of the workbook under a working directory
  3. If you already have your count stored in an EXCEL® spreadsheet then you will need to copy it into the Transactions - Processes and Files - Data Groups spreadsheets in the “Master SCOPE EXCEL Import Template” Workbook. These worksheets have a specific content required for each column. You may want to convert your existing spreadsheet data to that required by the “Master SCOPE EXCEL Import Template” Workbook, before copying it.
  4. Once you believe the data is in the correct format, select to copy the data from your count. Use the Option "Paste Special”, and select to Paste "Values" to paste your count data into your working copy of the “Master SCOPE EXCEL Import Template” Workbook. The validation rules in the template will check your data prior to importing it into SCOPE and highlight any errors in your content as Red text.
  5. If you are pasting text stored in software other than EXCEL, (e.g. Microsoft Word), then copy the text into a temporary EXCEL spreadsheet. Select to copy the text from the temporary sheet, and using the option "Paste Special”, and selecting to Paste "Values", paste into the” Master SCOPE EXCEL Import Template” Workbook. This ensures that the pasted values are validated prior to importing into SCOPE.
  6. Check the count spreadsheets (Transaction - Processes and Files -Data Groups) for any invalid data which will be highlighted in Red. Check for any additional error messages are in the column after the last input column. Correct any erroneous data using the data entry input message as a guide for the correct values required. Enter data directly into the template for any additional rows you require to be imported into SCOPE.
  7. The only mandatory column in any of the four spreadsheets is the first Column A. If you want your function point count details transferred to SCOPE then you will need to complete columns C and D and either E, F, G+H, to record the complexity or alternatively use Column I to just record the FPs awarded to your elementary processes or Data Groups and SCOPE will derive the complexity. Use Column J to record the enhancement impact type (add, change, delete).
  8. Do not leave any blank lines in your list to be imported. As soon as SCOPE encounters a blank line it assumes the end of the list of data to be imported.
  9. If you have a set of Notes or Attributes you would like recorded for the count in SCOPE then insert the list in the Notes List or Categories / Attributes worksheets. These items can be linked to their relevant functions once imported.
  10. Once you have completed your data entry select to save your workbook as an *.XLS file.
  11. For each worksheet you want to import select to save as a Comma Delimited File (CSV), using the SAVE AS option under Files and selecting CSV (Comma delimited) (*.CSV) when selecting the "Save As Type". Select OK and YES when prompted about saving and losing the formatting.
  12. Save your file with relevant name and a CSV extension. You will need to save each worksheet (Transactions, Data, Notes) you want imported as its own CSV file name. For ease of importing, save related count files you want imported as a set in the same directory. When you close Microsoft Excel you will be asked again to confirm to save the file. Only answer Yes if you have made changes since you last saved.
  13. Open SCOPE and select under Files on the main menu select to import your function point count (Import from CSV) by selecting the relevant CSV for your Transactions, Files and Notes.
  14. If you want to import a list of Functions / Processes or Data Groups into an existing SCOPE count then open the Release, highlight the tree you want to import into. Highlight the node under which you want the list to be inserted and select to Import Tree from SCOPE EXCEL template under Edit on the main menu. From the browsed list select the relevant CSV file for that Tree Type.