Benchmarking lets you demonstrate the cost-effectiveness and quality of your software development and maintenance environment. Knowing your productivity rates subsequently enables you improve your project estimation capability and to target areas for improvement. Applying what has been learned from Benchmarking activities has enabled our clients to deliver better quality software, faster and cheaper. Benchmarking demonstrates to business sponsors whether software development is cost-effective.

Total Metrics uses our extensive experience to ensure that the benchmarking process complies with international standards and is conformant with the ISO/IEC standard 15939 Information Technology - Software Measurement Process.

We implement both:

  • Internal benchmarking so that a team, department or organisation can benchmark its organisational units internally.
  • External benchmarking so the organisational units can compare against Industry best practice using the ISBSG Repository of Industry data.

Download Total Metrics Client Benchmarking Case Study

The Total Metrics consulting effort charged for our benchmarking activities is determined by:

  • the number of different comparisons required
  • the number of projects, releases, applications required to be benchmarked
  • which additional estimation and productivity evaluation activities are required.

Total Metrics are recognised world leaders in software benchmarking. Our consultants were founders of the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG). We were co-authors of the ISBSG Benchmarking standard which forms the basis for the new ISO standard for Benchmarking and reviewers of the ISO/IEC standard 15939 Measurement Process.