Trouble Shooting Activation / Deactivation

Activation / Deactivation Error Message

"System.Reflection.Target Invocation Exception An exception occurred during the operation"

The error you are reporting is due to a restriction imposed by your network security. Ie. It is preventing access from your installed version of SCOPE to the Total Metrics web server. This access is required to activate SCOPE.

This restriction is due to a security setting in your fire wall on your network or WWW filtering system, blocking access to to the Total Metrics web server WWW site from inside SCOPE. This can occur even if you are able to access our server directly via your browser. The block is invoked when you try and access it via a software program ( in this case SCOPE).

We recommend that your IT Network administrator change the settings to unblock the fire wall or change settings in the WWW filtering software, to enable access to the following URLs.:

1. *


Note: Once you have entered the serial number and SCOPE is activated and operating the IT Administrator can undo steps 1 & 2. However this is not recommended to utilise the full capabilities of SCOPE.

SCOPE only needs to be activated once, the first time you use it. If you are using a notebook computer that can access the WWW without going out through your companies network, then you can activate SCOPE via that means and then once it is activated it can be used from that point onwards without needing to contact our server.

If you are unable to solve your connection issues please contact SCOPE support.

Maximum Number of Available Seats Exceeded

If you have already installed and activated your maximum number of seats and for your purchased license key and you try and Activate another copy of SCOPE you will receive an error message that the maximum available number of seats has been exceeded.

This may have occurred due to the following reasons:

  1. You have installed all your available licenses. To activate another license first Deactivate another installed copy and receive confirmation that the deactivation was successful.
  2. You attempted to Deactivate a copy of SCOPE but there was a network outage before the confirmation was received by your computer. - Ensure a better network connection and try to deactivate again.
  3. You did not install SCOPE on your PC with your User ID but had an Administrator install SCOPE on your PC and activate it with their Administrator User ID. SCOPE will have activated using the Administrators USER ID and put information in their “MY Documents’ not yours. It will not be activated for your User ID. You need to have the Administrator deactivate SCOPE and then re- activate SCOPE with your User Id so it writes to the Register and MyDocuments under your User ID.

If you are unable to solve your activation / deactivation or connection issues please contact SCOPE support to reset your Activation / Deactivation and available seats at the WWW server.