SCOPE Not Responding - saving your Data

If for some reason you find that SCOPE is "Not Responding" and you have not saved your work ie. you have Disabled SCOPE's automatic save or have completed work in the interval between saving.

Do not select, via the Task Manager, to end the SCOPE Application until you have completed the following.

  1. Using Explorer, go to the directory where your current SCOPE *.FPA file is stored.(eg. mycount.fpa)
  2. You will notice there is a second file in the directory with the same name as your *.FPA file but it has a 'tmp' extension ie. mycount.TMP
  3. Copy (CTRL C) the mycount.TMP file and paste it, then rename the copy with a new name and an FPA extension. eg. mycount v2.fpa

Now you use Task Manager to end the task for SCOPE.

In SCOPE ,open the mycount v2.fpa file to see all your latest changes.

Open your original mycount.fpa file. SCOPE will inform you it has saved a recovered version. Compare the Recovered version with your mycount v2.fpa file to determine which one you want to keep.

Remember to enable Autosave Option in SCOPE (User Options / Autosave). Autosave time interval can be set from 5 minutes to every 30 minutes. We would recommend to save every 5 minutes. We would not recommend that you select "Disable" as this turns off Autosave and if your session is interrupted your data will not be saved.

Remember to contact SCOPE Support to assist you in your operation of SCOPE.