Previewing Printing Saving and Exporting Reports

All Functional Size Reports can be previewed online and/or printed. If you re reporting two different versions of the same count information and need to compare the differences in the reports, then you can use the Compare two reports option in the Report Selection screen.

Saving a set of Reports

When you preview reports they are automatically saved in your User Profile directory under ‘My documents’. SCOPE saves all generated reports under their respective report name. If there is already a report there of that same name it replaces it. To save as set of generated reports, go to My Documents folder and sort the directory by date, to pick up the latest set of Reports and copy / rename or zip them as required.

Selecting / Filtering Report Content

The Functional Size can be reported in Summary or in Detail.

Detail reports list all the counting details for individual Processes and Data Groups. Whilst the Summary reports summarise the results and group the totals in a variety of ways to assist in comparison and analysis, The Functional Size of a Release can be reported either as a total value for the whole release or by selecting the options in the Report Selection Screen you can include and exclude functionality.

All of the following Functional Size reports will report on the whole Release or only selected parts of the release if you select any or all of the following options:

If you choose combinations of the above options then SCOPE combines the filter to report the net result of these options.

You are able to annotate the purpose and content of your report by recording your own Report Description in the Report Selection Screen. The description can be used to provide extra information or instructions to the audience reading the report or to record the filters used for the report. SCOPE will save a list of your report descriptions which can be reselected at any time in the future. If you do not want the current displayed description to print on your report header then just delete the text in the description box.

SCOPE allows you to preview and print your reports and export them to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel or HTML. You are also able to send the reports via email or in Adobe PDF format (see Report Selection).