Using SCOPE to Support FPA

Using SCOPE to support the FPA methodology makes it easy to make changes as a project’s requirements inevitably evolve, and to analyse an application in many different ways. SCOPE enables you to track an application's functions from its initial development release, into production and through all subsequent releases.

Once the application is delivered, SCOPE records it as a Production Release. If an enhancement to the functionality is requested, then SCOPE enables you to take a copy of the Production Release as a size model base on which to record the impact of the changes required for the next Release (e.g. Release 2.0).

SCOPE allows you to record planned work or current work on software as "Work in Progress Releases”. These changes to the same release of software may be the result of multiple change requests from a variety of users, each with their different priorities. The impact of each change request can be separately recorded and functionally sized by associating each enhancement with a Count Session. The net cumulative impact on the release can be quantitatively assessed, as can the rework. Functions can be prioritised and different scenarios can be sized to assist with making decisions on which changes are included or excluded.

The activity of performing a Function Point count proceeds through a series of prescribed procedural steps. When this methodology is applied consistently, the Function Point size result is repeatable and the software size can be universally compared with the size of other software projects or applications.