Releases - Overview

Set Up New Count- Baseline Count

SCOPE records function point counts for both Baseline Counts and Projects Counts and stores them under either:

Production Releases

This is the Baseline count of the version of the application that is currently in production. Baseline Counts for past Production Releases are also stored in this group in the order in which they were recorded in SCOPE. The very latest Baseline Count is the last on the List and is called the "Latest Release" in SCOPE and is designated a( Gold Lock Icon). It is this Release that provides the baseline release on which future modifications are made.

Work In Progress Releases

This is a copy of a functional model of the version of the software that is being worked on by the project team. If the software is new, then it may be the functional model of the first version of the software during its development. If the software exists, i.e. the application is in production, then it may be a model copied from the Latest Production Release and being worked on by the project team for an enhancement project. If the software to be counted is a new development project then record the count session by first setting up the Release as the first Release under Work in Progress Releases. When the development project is complete use the Update to Baseline option to create the new baseline count in the Production Releases. SCOPE creates a copy of the functional model for the Development project as a Production Release.

If you want to record thefunction point count for modifications (i.e., changes in functionality) to the software application by the project, then set up a Count Session under the Work In Progress Release.

If the Work in Progress Release is impacted by multiple change requests and each of these need to be separately recorded and functionally sized, then select to Add a Count Session for each Change Request. You can associate each Count Session with a ) to record the impact of the changes to the Release specific to the Change Request. Each Work in Progress Release can have multiple Count Sessions recording their impact concurrently. I.e., a Process or Data Group can be recorded as being impacted (added, changed or deleted) by multiple Count Sessions.

When all changes to the functionality from the projects within a Release have been recorded on the Work in Progress Release model then it can be used to Update to Baseline. If you highlight a Release that has update rights (green open padlock) and select Release Details Screen)

Other Releases

This is an archive area for releases. Any version of the application stored here is also editable, and can be based upon any other release version (including a Work In Progress Release). Typical usage would be to store a ‘snapshot’ of a release at any point in time. Versions within Other Releases cannot be used to update the baseline. If you want to use a release in Other Releases to update the baseline then create a New Work in Progress Release based on the selected Other Release, then ensure it has Update Rights.

(See also Set Up a New Release)