Numerical Template Categories

SCOPE has a set of built-in Numerical Categories that you can use as templates. These are automatically inserted into a new release when it is created or you can load them into an existing Release. You can select to load them singularly or all of them at once.

If you decide to customise them then you can use Copy/Paste to copy your own customised templates to other Releases.

To load the SCOPE Template Categories:

  1. Right click on the Attribute Tree, select "Insert Template Category"

  1. Select the Template you want to insert from the drop down box or "All Templates" to insert all the SCOPE template Numerical Categories and press "Add" Button to insert it in your Attributes Tree as another Category

  1. SCOPE will load the selected Categories, their attributes and their preset Values and Units for reporting.
  2. If you do not find the Category you need in the list or if you would like to create a new Category Press "Setup"
  3. Edit the templates to suit your own reporting needs.

PRESS F5 to recalculate Numerical Attribute Results.