Export Single Snapshot of Count, Project, Release or Application

Snapshot Applications Releases and Counts

SCOPE allows you ‘extract' via a snapshot and save into a new database a:

All Snap Shot files include all the relevant details about the Application, Release, Project and Count Session, SCOPE saves these details in a new SCOPE Database. This provides an added level of security of your portfolio data in that it allows you to extract only the Counts relevant to the counter or the person who is viewing the count results. Once the extracted counts are updated or reviewed then the counts for the whole Release or just the Count Session can then be exported and imported back into the master Repository in SCOPE.

SCOPE “SNAPSHOT” allows the Count administrator to control access to sensitive counts in the Master Repository, by extracting on the relevant count information for counters to work on. It allows counters to count remotely on a small database for additional speed and then merge their count back into the current baseline at a later date. It also allows a counter to SNAPSHOT their count to distribute for review with SCOPE Viewer®

Note: The 'snapshot' database created is a standard SCOPE database but only has one Application or one Release and its Count Sessions stored.

To create a Snapshot database in the Project and Applications List, highlight the Release, Project or the Count Session you want to be extracted to the new database and select the Snapshot icon. SCOPE will prompt you to name the new database. This new database can be opened with either SCOPE or SCOPE Viewer®.

This feature is useful under the following circumstances:

HINT: To do this select to Export the latest Release from the Master into another temporary SCOPE database where a counter can create and work on their Count Session. When the administrator approves the count it is then Exported from the temporary database and Imported back into the latest Release within the Master database.

HINT: To do this select to Snapshot the latest Release from the Master Database to one or many temporary SCOPE databases where each counter will then create and work on their own Count Sessions. When each count is approved, they are then individually Exported from their temporary databases and Imported back into the latest Release in the Master database.