Import / Export Applications and Releases

Import Export Counts within a Release

Import Export Releases

SCOPE will allow you to export a whole Application and all its Releases and all its counts and all their details or just a node, branch or whole tree to an XML file of your choice. The XML file can then be saved for later import. You can import into the same or different Count, Release or Application within the same SCOPE database file or a different one. This option is useful when you want to merge the Application or Release counts into another SCOPE database. If you just want to extract the Application and its Releases to a clean empty SCOPE database then use the Snapshot option.

Import /Export a Whole Application or Single Release

This function allows you to merge Release counts performed off-line or stored in another SCOPE database into a common master SCOPE Database.

To and open the Applications List Tab. Highlight the Application node or expand and highlight a single Release for the Import /Export of the Release.

Export Application / Release

Highlight the Application or Release name and select the Export Icon. SCOPE will prompt you to name the XML file where your exported count will be saved.

Import Release

Highlight the Import Icon. SCOPE will prompt you to select the XML file where your count to be imported was saved. The Application or Release will be then imported and inserted as the last Application or the last Release in the Release Group.

Use the down and up arrows to shift the imported Application or Release to your preferred position.