Size Data - M&S - Applications

Recording Application M and S Metrics

You can record metrics data either :

Application Size - An objective measure of the size of the software maintained and supported. Evidence shows that there is a strong correlation between the effort hours spent on Maintenance and Support and the functional size of the application being supported. This correlation is much weaker for Lines of Code (KSLOC).

Functional Size

Hint: Open SCOPE EXAMPLE DATABASE which is installed with SCOPE for an example of an Application and its Releases and Projects where size has been entered manually. (FLY Application)

Technical Size

Technical size is a measure of the source code that runs the application. This is a measure of Logical Lines of Code. Units of technical size are thousands of lines of code. Code instructions are defined as: All program instructions created by project personnel and processed into machine code by some combination of pre-processors, compilers and assemblers. It excludes comment and unmodified utility software. It includes Job control statements, format statements and data declarations (see Software Engineering Economics, Barry Boehm).

KSLOC - unit of measure of one thousand logical lines of code. e.g. 5000 lines of source code = 5 KSLOC