SCOPE Reports Stop Working

This is usually as a result of a change in a security setting on your network or computer for your User Profile.

SCOPE Reports use Microsoft Access Reporting Utility that requires the actual Network name of the drive into which to write its reports. If for any reason you have changed the name of the drive to its IP address then Microsoft Access will not be able to identify the drive. It gives a message that it cannot open the Output file.

Ask your network Technical Support to change permissions on the network DRIVE to enable access via the Name for all programs.

You can also :

For SCOPE 5.0 or before, in some instances when Microsoft Office is re-installed on a computer, the Microsoft install process overwrites the link between SCOPE and Snapshot Viewer®, so the reports will no longer display. Fix by un-installing and re-installing SCOPE.

Your SCOPE data will not be impacted in any way by the uninstall and reinstall providing you have not stored your data in the Example database which is installed with SCOPE.

Remember to contact SCOPE Support to assist you in your operation of SCOPE.