Quick Counting - Transactions and Files

SCOPE includes many features to speed up your counting.

  1. Using the Multiplier

If you want to group the details of multiple Processes into one Process node then enter the number of Processes in the Multiplier field. E.g. where you know there are 4 Maintenance functions for a Customer of average complexity (each 4 function points), name the Process ‘Maintain 10Customer’ and enter 4 into the multiplier. The function points calculated for the Process are multiplied by 4 to total 16. SCOPE will display the calculated function points for the Process at the bottom right of the Detail screen. NOTE: If you do not want a node to be counted then set the multiplier to zero and the nodes will be excluded from the count results and display in 'blue' text on the screen. Alternatively you can make the node type "undefined" and SCOPE will assign zero function points.

  1. Create Many Transactions at Once - Template Function Groups

If you want to quickly generate many maintenance, and reporting processes for an object e.g. Create Customer, Modify Customer, View Customer, then all you need to do is insert the Object Name in the Insert Function Group Dialogue Box. (CTRL + T) SCOPE will generate whole branches of processes with their type and complexity defaulted, to enable you to hundreds of function points of count standard functionality in minutes.

  1. Bulk Change of Type , Complexity or Enhancement Impact using Short cuts

Locate your cursor on the Parent Node and select the appropriate SCOPE short cut key combination to perform the bulk change.

  1. Auto Insert a Specific Node Type, Complexity or Complexity Result Source

If you have a whole list of Reports that you know are Average complexity, then select the relevant default options you want SCOPE to use (ie. Output Type, Average Complexity) Under Options / Function Point Count Default Values. When you press the Insert Key all new nodes will have these characteristics.

  1. Auto Insert Last Used Node Name and go to Inserted Node

If you have a whole list of nodes with very similar names then use this option to allow you to just change the text that is different. Select these options Under Options / User Options / Node Name Insert defaults.

  1. Copy and Paste Branches and Links

If you have sets of transactions (processes) that are similar to another branch, then just copy and paste the branch and use the Find and Replace option to bulk change the names of the nodes. If you have set up all the links to other trees for one node use the copy the links (CRTL +L) and (ALT + L) to paste the links option