Moving and Copying Nodes

Building Hierarchy Trees

SCOPE makes it easy to expand and collapse trees, and to insert, delete, move, copy and paste nodes in a tree.

Nodes can only be moved within the same Release and within the same tree. To move a node or a branch of nodes use the Windows Drag and Drop feature i.e. highlight and hold down the left hand mouse key and drag the node(s) to their target destination.

Nodes can be copied within the same Release, or into any other Releasethat is in a currently open SCOPE database. However they may only be pasted into the same tree type that they were copied from.

To copy a node or a branch of nodes, use the Windows copy / paste commands i.e. highlight and hold down the left hand mouse key and the Ctrl key and drag the copied node(s) to their target destination.

All Copy / Paste commands are available from the Edit menu, Right Click Mouse menu or the shortcut keys.

If you only want to copy the 'links' associated with a node, then highlight the node you want to select Links from and either right click the mouse and select 'Copy Links' from the Edit Menu (Ctrl+L) Highlight the target node that will receive the links and select Paste Links (Alt+L). This function leaves the target node unchanged and only 'adds' the copied links to any existing links.

Note: you can also use the SCOPE Export Tree option under Edit to export a node , branch or whole tree. SCOPE saves the exported Tree Nodes into an XML file that can be later imported back into a SCOPE Release using the Import Tree function. See also Import / Export Within SCOPE database.

See also Using the Mouse to Copy and Move and Keyboard Shortcuts.